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Day 46

7 Mar

My worst class to date. I hate even trying to re-live the awfulness but since it was bound to happen sooner or later, here goes.

Mistake #1: Drinking on Friday night. I don’t know why L and I got it into our heads that we were going to drink heavily on Friday night, but I’m assuming it started sometime after L had a glass of wine before bikram. I was up WAY too late, and didn’t even bother to drink a glass of water before bed.

So I head to 10am class with L and my roommate W, and am feeling pretty loopy still (to the point where I didn’t even want to drive fearing my BAC). The instructor was Maria again and I warned her before class that I was not in tip-top shape. Hoping to motivate myself to sweat out the night before, I…

Mistake # 2: placed my mat in the front on the room. Why I thought this was a good idea, I’ll never quite understand. As class started, I slowly felt my body start to fall apart piece by piece. By the fourth pose, I was sitting out every other pose. By pose five I was laying on the floor. My heart was beating on my face and I was having a pretty intense anxiety attack. I would get up to try a pose, get through a quarter of it, and then have to lie back down. I knew that this class was a lost cause. Even worse, I felt like my inability to make it through class negatively affected the people in back of me. At one point, nearly the entire side of the room I was on ended up sitting or laying down. I’ve really never experienced this.

As the floor series rolled around I really started to panic. I was seeing spots in my left eye so big that I had about 5% vision. I needed to get out. I looked over at L and she told me to count my breaths and relax. I tried but it wouldn’t work. Finally, I grab my water bottle and bolted for the door. I felt so incredibly weak and upset with myself, but damn did it feel good to be out of that class. Me and Jameson are breaking up. I NEVER want to feel like that again.


Saturday morning’s class reinforced what I’ve been thinking lately: I’m really good at drinking while yoga-ing. Friday night was an unnecessary mess that I’ll blame on C’s new boyfriend Jameson. Lucky for me, I’m not a hungover sleeper, so I woke up an hour before class and drank a ton of water and had some fruit. I, per the usual, wasn’t excited for class, but followed C’s cue and stood in the front row. And I feel bad saying it considering C and W’s bad class, but I had a really good class.

Class was the usual Saturday shitshow: tons of newbies, people dropping like flies, and the occasional run for the door. At one point, there were only 2 people standing in my half of the room- it was insane. Because C and W were both lying down (believe me, I feel their pain….I was just there 2 weeks ago. Feeling like you’re going to puke in class is one.of.the.worst.feelings.EVER.) I wouldn’t let myself sit down at all. When there are new people in the class, they tend to watch whoever is in front, and I wanted to be a decent example.

It definitely wasn’t my best class, but I was proud of myself for not quitting. I’ve been so apathetic towards bikram lately- half-assing poses, glaring at anyone I think is annoying, I was even somewhat rude to an instructor the other day- it’s nice to finally feel myself climbing out of my rut. I hope my classes continue to get better- we’re done 2 weeks from today!!



Day 40- 40 day check-in

28 Feb

Wow, forty days of bikram- DONE!  I wish I could say 40 classes in 40 days…damn flu!  Although 39 classes in 40 days still sounds awesome!  As my sister and I were leaving the 10am class, we heard the instructor talking to some first-timers and urging them to try a 30 or 60 day challenge.  “It’ll change your life!” he said.  Later on in the car, my sister asked me about the instructor’s comments.  So I figured I’d do a little Day 40 check-in:

Has this challenge changed my life?  Short answer…no.  Everything is basically the same as before the challenge.  I’m not sure what I hoped to accomplish with this challenge, but with all the hype around it, I expected big things.  I still feel like I’m floating with nothing holding me down…just coasting through life.  It’s hard to put into words, but the constant restless feeling is still there.  At the same time though, expecting yoga to “change your life” sounds a little silly to me.

Do I feel different though? Absolutely.  My posture has definitely improved and I feel more flexible overall.  My sleep lately has been amazing.  I don’t wake up still feeling exhausted- I wake up well-rested- and it’s an amazing feeling.  I also feel stronger, especially in my back.

Weight lost: Unsure.  Hard to calculate any weight loss since I’m constantly either dehydrated or over-hydrated.  I do feel more toned though, especially in my upper body.  And with the exception of the occasional (frequent?) cupcake, I’ve been eating pretty healthy.

Overall, I feel more positive.  My sister agreed and said that I’ve been complaining a lot less since I’ve been doing the challenge (which is saying a lot- I’m a hugeeee complainer).  Hoping I can keep it up!

Home stretch- 20 more days!


Sunday’s class was pretty awful. I sucked and was getting extra (bad) attention from the instructor (he asked me after class if i was “getting rid of my new york”…guess I was?). I would feel great for 2 poses and then be unable to make it through the next. I ended up sitting out for one set of at least 3 poses in the standing series. I will structure my post like L’s

Has yoga changed my life?  I’d say that the answer to this is relative. I could see myself adopting bikram as part of my life in the long-term. It’s one of the only forms of exercise that I actually enjoy and feel as though I am getting an actual strong workout from. For example, I love walking…but as somebody who isn’t sporting blue-gray hair in a retirement home yet, it probably isn’t the optimal exercise to get me ready for bikini season. I’m so happy to have been introduced to bikram (thanks to a friend who started taking it in NYC about a year ago) and I am looking forward to continuing my practice.

Do I feel different? In almost every way possible. Of course I still make poor decisions regarding food, drink, or sleep once in awhile. But my body bounces back much more quickly. I am more focused and I feel physically strong and in control of my body for once. I sleep so well at night, and when I actually do allow myself a chance to sleep for more than 7 hours, I feel refreshed and ready to face every day. Part of the change in my attitude is thinking twice about how I treat my body.  In terms of food choices, hydration, sleep etc. This is partially in fear of the kinds of classes I would have if I didn’t take care of myself.

Have I lost weight?  I don’t think so (I have the appetite of a 12 year old boy), but I’m pretty sure that my body is changing in a positive way.  My stomach (waistline/abs) has been looking more defined lately.  I’m still hoping that my arms will follow, but I absolutely feel tighter and more toned all over.

Still need to work on my diet though. I had two lunches today supplemented by donut holes (which thanks to my co-workers, we have almost daily). Ugh. Oh, and I’m exhausted. Wine+oscars+recovering from an NYC weekend= 😦


Guest blogger A: Yogibears

16 Feb

A is C’s baby sister, and has been a Yogi Bear for about 1 month now, and has been to Hot Yoga a total of 4 times…and is basically a Yogi Pro.

Like a Pro, I land that Savasana pose many maaany times during that ninety minutes in the chamber of secrets. (uhh I mean torture chamber) To be quite honest, the first time before entering the chamber on my Inagural Yogi Day (January 18, 2011), I was so scared I thought I was gonna vom all over C and L. (saary) The entire first class, all i remember was staring really creepy at big sis C trying to telepathically tell her “Yo, listen I have a feeling I might die in this class.” and her giving me death stares back saying “A, if you look at me one more time I will pummel your a$$.” After that class, I decided to buy 10 more classes, because I thought the peppermint towels at the end were DEFINITELY worth 20 bucks and ninety minutes engaged in a death match with my body. I made reservations to return the next night, but due to being stuck in a ditch and hitchhiking home during Snowpocolypse 2k11, I sadly could not make it until a few days later.

Anyway, the next few classes (count them…3…BOOM…I win at life) I thoroughly enjoyed having a tete-a-tete wif ma bootiful body! Also, the advise you need to adhere to when engaged in a hot yoga class would be these few things: 1. Don’t vomit in class (sorry L’s friend) 2. Don’t pass out in class (sorry teal shirt girl) 3. Don’t eat spaghetti before class (sorry to me, that caused about 17 savasanas during class) 4. Don’t leave class before its over [you miss the peppermint towels (heaven on a white cloth)] 5. Don’t get dressed, and hydrate to go to class, only to get there at 7:30pm and wait around until your sister gets out of class, then follow her to the grocery store stating “I couldn’t go, there were no parking spots” (sometimes I am seriously diluted, because honey there were about 45 spots open)

Day 26

14 Feb

After yesterday’s miserable class and yesterday night’s sake bombs, I was NOT looking forward to bikram.  I whined all day from the couch.  I whined on the car ride over.  I whined outside of the studio.  I whined inside the studio and defiantly (lazily?) put my mat farther back in the room.  And then…I had a great class.  No dizziness, no nausea, no hangover, no sitting down during standing series, no lying down during floor series.  I had great balance during standing bow pose.  I put my forehead on the ground during standing separate leg stretch.  I stretched farther in bow pose (below) than I ever have before.  And I left the class happy that I showed up.

The scheduled instructor for the class didn’t show up, and the owner ended up teaching the class.  He was obviously not happy about it, but still taught an amazing class.  One of my favorite parts of bikram is how amazing and inspiring all of the instructors are.  Everyone has a slightly different teaching style- some are really energetic, others are soothing and calm, and some are all business.  But they’re all really good at what they do and all push you to go farther than you thought possible.

Lesson learned:  I think I’ve said this before, but I’m constantly surprised at how different each class can be.  Yesterday’s class was soooo bad…and then all of a sudden, today’s was better!

Goal: Work on standing head to knee.  This pose is near the beginning, but I still rarely have the energy to attempt to kick my leg out.


Sunday night class came after a day of doing absolutely nothing.  I woke up late (around 11a) and then couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything throughout the day.  It wasn’t a lazy hungover-type day (although I did have a few sake bombs), but instead I’m thinking that my body needed me to slow down and just relax.  After 25 days of yoga, I felt sore EVERYWHERE, including places I didn’t even know could be sore. Alas, I slept and snacked all day and didn’t fight my exhaustion, especially since I had such a productive Saturday and was able to get all of my cleaning and normal Sunday “things” done already.  So, still feeling drowsy and unmotivated, I  headed to the 6pm class with my roommate and L.

Our teacher didn’t show up for class, so the owner (one of my favorite teachers) gave an impromptu class. Today was the first time I’ve worn shorts and it made me a lot cooler during class but made certain poses (tree and padagustasana) a LOT more difficult because my legs were all slippery.  Class was pretty good!  Despite the fact that I was worn out by the floor series, I had a strong standing series. One pose, however, was particularly strong for me during the floor series. During cheerleading workouts in college, we always called this one the superman, but in bikram it’s called the full locust pose:

This pose is intended to strengthen the middle back.  I assume that before  I  had just not given it fair effort (dismissing it as something that I could already do) and  have now discovered how challenging this pose can really be with full effort.  I guess that’s the cool thing about this challenge, there is always new ways to challenge yourself.

Lessons learned: In the poses that come naturally, there is always room to push further and possibly work different parts of the body.

Goals: Do not get distracted by weird people in class anymore (like the guy with clean-shaven legs? gross.)


Day 25

14 Feb

Saturday day classes are usually disasters.  Fortunately (for me), I didn’t go out or even do much of anything the night before so I was ready to go for the 4pm class.  Earlier in the day, I finally broke down and went to lululemon.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

A tank top specifically designed for hot yoga, cinches up on the sides and has a special fabric designed to increase wicking abilities when you are dying in the torture chamber day after day.

Shorts that aren’t ridiculously short in order to hide my booty (something a lot of girls refuse to do) during class.

Capris made of organic cotton that have a nice amount of elastic and definitely flatter.

The damage on my wallet ended up being substantial because this place is incredibly overpriced, but DAMN I felt like a new woman in class.  We had a teacher for the first time today, Jayna, and I can’t really remember much about her because I was too busy starting a my million dollar outfit and slowly melting me in “90-minute moving meditation”.  But I think this means that she was a good teacher.  Class went really well, and my roommate came along with L and I because she wanted to see if going to class would help her head cold, which had been slowly developing throughout the week. Turns out, it did!   In other news, this whole dedicating classes to a single stream of thoughts has really re-tracked my focus and helped me block the outside world in each class. Left class feeling invigorated and fresh.

Lessons learned: Maybe fancy pants yoga clothes are worth it, if not only for being able to admire them thorughout class.

Goals: Work on finishing class strong. I have caught myself really slacking off in the two stretching postures at the end of class.


For a Saturday class, today was okay.  For a normal class, this was a disaster.  I went out with friends on Friday night for a Valentine girls night and drank a lot.  So this of course translated into a miserable class.  My friend was visiting and came to the 4pm class with C and me, and I was hoping to impress her with my newfound bikram skills.  Instead, I impressed her with my amazing savasana skills.  This was the second class this week where I felt decently strong during the standing series and then just lost it during the floor series.  Every time I got to savasana (the little 30 second break between each floor posture), I felt horrible.  Heat was surrounding me like a cloud and I felt dizzy and nauseous.  I couldn’t even attempt camel pose and stared at the door for the remainder of the class.

Next weekend, I’m staying in on Friday and hydrating.  I can’t handle too many more bad classes like this one.

Lesson learned: Drinking isn’t worth the hangover or the bikram death class.

Goal: Stop sucking at Saturday classes.


60 Day Bikram Challenge, it is!

3 Feb

See the last two rows right there? That’s us!

Hot people who do yoga: Kim Kardashian

1 Feb

Nobody, including myself, can really name a single reason why Kim Kardashian is so fascinating.  But she’s hot, and does all kinds of yoga, bikram included. So I guess that’s pretty cool.